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Customer Stories

How Cleanly improved their customer experience with Bolton Remote

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"Bolton Remote has helped us scale our customer service team by streamlining our hiring process. We now have access to a large pool of qualified candidates that are ready to be interviewed and hired at a moment's notice."

Greg Meyers

Operations, Cleanly
  • Background
  • The Challenges
  • The Solutions
  • The Results


Often described as 'the Uber of laundry', Cleanly was created to offer an alternative to typical laundry and dry cleaning experiences. The hypergrowth, Y Combinator-backed laundry service allows its customers to handle all of their laundry needs through the push of a button.

The Challenges

As a successful, venture-backed startup, Cleanly was growing at an incredible pace. As their customer base grew, so too did the need to scale their customer service operations with qualified, quality talent. 

Limited access to talent Cleanly sought a way to quickly scale its customer service team with high-caliber talent.
Personalized customer experience Cleanly needed to deliver a responsive, personalized experience to each and every customer interaction. 

The Solutions

Cleanly quickly scaled their customer service operations by tapping into Bolton Remote's large pool of qualified, quality candidates that were ready to be interviewed and hired at a moment's notice.

Talent on-demand

Cleanly hand-selected candidates from Bolton Remote's on-demand talent portal. Interviews were conducted and team members were quickly on-boarded.

Team mobilization Cleanly's remote team was quickly scaled up by Bolton Remote's mobilization experts. Processes were set in place, training was provided, and KPIs were established.

The Result

With Bolton Remote, Cleanly was able to substantially improve customer experience and customer satisfaction rates.

Ease of scale With Bolton Remote, Cleanly has been able to scale their customer service team in a fast and cost-effective manner. 
Improved customer experiences All of Cleanly's customer service inquiries (via chat, phone, or email) are quickly handled by their remote team. Complex cases are escalated and resolved in collaboration with their head office team.

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