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How KWL scaled their development team with Bolton Remote

How KWL scaled their development team with Bolton Remote

Bolton was able to help us address the talent shortage by delivering top developers and reasonable rates.

Continuously refined talent pool
Ryan Ho Chief Technology Officer


Know What’s Loved delivers cloud-based software services for the music industry. Founded in Singapore in 2015, they are on a mission to accelerate artist careers and connect music fans to new and exciting music experiences.

The Challenges

As a fast-growing startup, Know What’s Loved began to scale their development team to meet market demand.


Need for Software Talent

Due to the nature of the Know What's Loved platform, the skills required on the development and operations teams were vast, including front-end developers, back-end developers, QA analysts, Data Processing Specialist, and DevOps roles.


Tight Talent Market

With talent demand far outstripping supply in Singapore, Know What’s Loved struggled to fill key development roles to support their growth.


The Solutions

Know What’s Loved engaged Bolton Remote to help scale out their development team by tapping into Bolton Remote's large pool of qualified, quality candidates that were ready to be interviewed and hired at a moment's notice.


Qualified, quality talent on-demand

Know What’s Loved was able to hand-pick pre-screened, qualified candidates from Bolton Remote's on-demand talent portal. Interviews were conducted and team members were quickly selected. 


Key metrics and milestones

Key performance metrics and milestones were established by Bolton Remote's mobilization team and on-going training was provided.

The Result

With Bolton Remote, Know What’s Loved was able to scale their development team in a fast and cost-effective manner.


Ease of Scale

Know What’s Loved was able to quickly scale a team of more than 20 people covering a wide range of development and operational roles.


Key results

Know What’s Loved tapped into Bolton Remote’s deep pool of vetted candidates, closing the talent gap and enabling them to scale at the pace their business required.

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