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How to champion sustainable growth in your service-based business

Ready, set, grow.

You've built your business from the ground up, and your efforts are paying off! As you solidify your success for the long term, you will need to navigate the challenging path of staying profitable through the growing pains. 

Dive into our ebook 'How to champion sustainable growth in your service-based business' and you'll be on track to grow bigger and better, for years to come.

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  • First things first: take a step back. Our 'Check-in Checklist' asks X-ray questions to examine your efforts and evaluate your growth. This will help you build on your success and stick with what's working. 
  • It's time to win back your time. Growth will look different for every business. We explore the key ways many service-based businesses choose to grow, to help you carefully weigh up your options. 
  • Staying profitable while growing. Sustainable growth encompasses staying profitable while investing for the long term. Putting the pieces of the puzzle together, we dive into the metrics that matter for engineering profitable operations.
  • Building your dream team. Empowered people are your greatest asset, driving the mission of your business. Dive into 6 impactful ways to invest in the individuals who will define your success. 

“Everyone wants to grow their business, but rarely do we look at the moving pieces in a systematic way. Growth is about understanding what your own unique growth levers and limits are, and optimizing for both. This ebook features contributions from Bolton’s top growth experts who have experience in many fast growing companies."

Patrick Linton Co-Founder

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