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Customer Stories

How Rocketrip scaled their operations with Bolton Remote

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"If we didn't have the remote team at Bolton available to us, we would still have been able to build our product, but it would have taken us three to four years longer to get off the ground."

Dan Ruch

Co-Founder & CEO
  • Background
  • The Challenges
  • The Solutions
  • The Results


Founded in 2013, Rocketrip helps enterprises reduce travel costs by rewarding employees for spending less when booking flights, trains, hotels, and rental cars.


The Challenges

Rocketrip sought to deliver a customer experience that was fast, accurate and seemingly automated. 

Need for talent Rocketrip realized there was a significant amount of manual, human work that had to happen behind the scenes.
Prioritized engineering resources

Rocketrip required a solution that would allow them to scale their operations without diverting valuable engineering resources away from more mission-critical priorities. 

The Solutions

Rocketrip engaged Bolton Remote to build out a 24/7 team. By leveraging Bolton Remote's on-demand talent portal, Rocketrip could engage with pre-screened, qualified candidates and build their remote team on their own terms. 

Key metrics and milestones Key performance metrics and milestones were established by Bolton Remote's mobilization team and on-going training was provided.
Rapid on-boarding and team mobilization Rocketrip quickly scaled their remote team from 10 team members to 34.

The Result

With Bolton Remote, Rocketrip was able to scale their operations and improve their customer experience in a fast and cost-effective manner.

Measured success The metrics in place allowed Rocketrip to monitor both the quantity and quality of work. 
Key results Rocketrip's remote team processes between 4000-6000 pieces of data each month, with an accuracy rate of 99.5%.

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