Helping you start, scale, and run your remote team.

Bolton Remote provides you with direct access to the support team your growing company needs.

Why choose a Bolton Remote team?

save money with remote staff

Save money.

Bolton Remote can save you 50% or more, while helping you maintain quality, by providing talent from the best locations in the world.
More control than traditional outsourcing.

Keep control.

Traditional outsourcing takes away control. Bolton Remote helps you build your team – on your own terms.
More reliable than online freelancers.

Scale faster.

Your company is moving fast and you need people who will stick around. Bolton Remote provides people who live and breathe your company’s values and culture.

How it works.

tell us your remote staff needs

Tell us what you’re
looking for.

Talk to a Bolton Remote Staffing Specialist and explain the urgent positions you need filling or the process you require to scale.
browse potential remote team candidates

Browse through handpicked Video Profiles.

Log in to your talent portal and quickly review screened, ready-to-interview candidates handpicked specifically for you.
interview remote staff

Interview your shortlist immediately.

Your Remote Staffing Specialist schedules video interviews for you with your top picks, where you assess skills and culture fit.

Start working with your team - remotely.

Start working with your team - remotely.

Staff are co-located in a Bolton-managed workspace, equipped with the right IT infrastructure, tools and support they need.

"You won’t find this in mainstream outsourcing business models. With Bolton we have full control over the selection and managing of our team members."

Ryan Ho Know What’s Loved
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Fast Slow Motion

"I've seen great talent in emerging markets, but most models of remote didn't work for me. Bolton has figured out how to make it work."

John Burdett Fast Slow Motion
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"After we raised our $10M Series A, it was time to graduate from our patched together network of freelancers, to a reliable and much easier to manage Bolton team."

Jeremy Ruch Bond Street
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"Creating a new company is hard - hiring and scaling that company is even harder. Bolton supplements that scaling with an amazing amount of flexibility and expertise."

Jeff Wehner Haven Inc.
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amazon outsource partners

"Bolton is hands down the best option if you need to scale a team rapidly. Their culture is fantastic, the community is energetic, and they helped me fast track learnings."

Alex Swaab Amazon
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Amazon and Bolton

"We struggled to hire the right resources locally… Bolton is the onramp to successful distributed teams… Our remote team has grown and is fully integrated with our local team."

Jamey Taylor TicketBiscuit
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Growing quickly and ready to scale your team?

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