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Save over 50% and fill your next opening remotely.

Through Bolton’s remote staffing services, you can not only fill full-time, long-term positions in a proven model, but, you can also grow out larger co-located teams. We specialize in helping you find success getting and keeping talent in some of most cost-effective places in the world. Speak to us today to learn how our many customers use us to grow smoothly and reliably.

Bolton’s flagship workspaces are in the Philippines, which has a dynamic, skilled English-speaking workforce. We also have offices in San Francisco and Singapore, but primarily staff roles from the Philippines due to significant cost of living differentials that help our customers become more competitive and profitable. We are in the process of adding additional talent markets to our network, which will allow you to instantly tap into multiple locations at one time – all within Bolton’s managed, secure model.

Bolton is a service and platform built for companies who need people to power them as they grow, and are prepared to go outside of their local talent market to get them.

"Traditional" outsourcing focuses on helping companies outsource parts of their business they consider to be “non-core” for an outsourcing provider to do for them instead. Bolton enables you to keep control over any and all of your competencies - in fact, we often advise companies that they should keep as much as they can in-house, but they can still get the benefits of leveraging global talent (cost savings + access to good people) by using us.

Bolton takes a longer-term approach to work than freelancer platforms. Our focus is on being able to not only access talent who want a full-time career and to stick around for the long term, but also in being able to engage people and build teams in a more reliable way than online freelancer platforms allow. That's why all payments go through Bolton, and all staff you bring on board work inside of Bolton’s fully managed workspaces. Talk to us today to learn more about when to use part-time freelancers, and when you need a Bolton team.

Your Remote team member(s) are under your direction, and you have complete management control on a daily basis as they perform the job they were hired for. If you are building out a larger team or function, our Teambuilding Specialists are there to help you do this, so you’ve got on-the-ground support where you need it, when you need it.


Fast, on-demand recruitment

No more waiting and searching for months. Only interview qualified candidates, and have smart, skilled professionals onboard in less than 5 days.

No HR or admin headaches

We employ your staff for you, and handle all HR so you can do what you do best. Your staff's work is 100% managed by you, but it is 100% supported by us.

Remote with a twist

In many countries, work-from-home simply doesn't work. That’s why we operate our own workspaces so your team can get work done in a secure, safe environment.

Why Bolton


Your own tools, or help picking the right ones.

Bolton works how you work. If you need help, our experts help you select the right tools.


No more hit-or-miss, distracted freelancers.

We save you from disappearing, distracted freelancers. Only dedicated team members.


Private, secure, protected – like your own.

This is not work-from-home, this is work-from-Bolton – with enterprise-level security.


Flexibly, reliably grow and scale.

Ramp up your team when its time, while on-the-ground teams protect you from admin headaches.


Cut costs without increasing risk.

$0 set-up fees or capital investment. Leverage our infrastructure and economies of scale.


Low-effort recruitment and interview process.

Let us take some of the legwork out of recruiting and only interview screened candidates.


Easy payments, 100% employed by Bolton.

We employ your people – you pay locally in your home currency. HR, benefits, office, IT – all us.


Global community, strong culture.

Exciting, fast growing companies use us to scale. Our people are energized to join your team.

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