About Us

"There are skilled, talented, smart people everywhere in the world - amazing things start to happen when you look outside of the morning commute."

Patrick Linton Co-Founder / CEO

On a mission to help you thrive in this new world of remote.


Bolton was founded in 2013 based on the simple belief that there are amazing, talented people anywhere in the world, and companies that stay within their hiring “comfort zone” will ultimately miss out on the incredible benefits of a geographically diverse workforce.

But the reality for most companies is that the prospect of finding, attracting, managing and retaining a remote, global workforce is a significant barrier to giving it a try. It doesn’t help that many of the options out there to get remote talent are sub-par – especially when it comes to hiring in emerging markets with unfamiliar cultures or complexities.

At Bolton, we’ve torn those barriers down. Join us as we change the way that companies bring on talent – remotely – from the most exciting, dynamic and cost competitive countries in the world.

(Learn more here about what has gone wrong in the world of remote talent, and what we’re doing about it.)

Meet Bolton's Founders

Patrick Linton

As an American raised in Japan and Singapore, starting a company that helps businesses build cross-border teams came naturally to Patrick. Bolton’s mission to flatten the world of hiring is the result of a life lived between cultures, and he believes that our world will be a better place to live and work in if we embrace all kinds of diversity - racial, gender, cultural, and geographical.

Jason Bolante

Originally from Florida, Jason spent most of his adult life traveling and working across the globe, eventually settling in Manila. Born to Filipino immigrant parents, Bolton’s mission hits very close to home. In the past, the Philippines’ best and brightest have had to physically leave the country for jobs, whereas Bolton enables people to stay home but work abroad – this time, remotely.

"I've seen great talent in emerging markets, but most models of remote didn't work for me. Bolton has figured out how to make it work."

John Burdett Fast Slow Motion
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"Bolton exceeds expectations in recruitment, training, and team management... their teams are proud to work for them, making a huge difference in retention and morale."

Emily Hurd Rocketrip
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Why Bolton?

Your own tools, or help picking the right ones.

Bolton works how you work. If you need help, our experts help you select the right tools.

No more hit-or-miss, distracted freelancers.

We save you from disappearing, distracted freelancers. Only dedicated team members.

Private, secure, protected – like your own.

This is not work-from-home, this is work-from-Bolton – with enterprise-level security.

Flexibly, reliably grow and scale.

Ramp up your team when its time, while on-the-ground teams protect you from admin headaches.

Cut costs without increasing risk.

$0 set-up fees or capital investment. Leverage our infrastructure and economies of scale.

Low-effort recruitment and interview process.

Let us take some of the legwork out of recruiting and only interview screened candidates.

Easy payments, 100% employed by Bolton.

We employ your people – you pay locally in your home currency. HR, benefits, office, IT – all us.

Global community, strong culture.

Exciting, fast growing companies use us to scale. Our people are energized to join your team.

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