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  • Salesforce Admin
  • Online Researcher
  • Lead Gen
  • Social Media Admin
  • Content Moderator
  • Graphic Designer

How it works

Meet Bolton Digital Talent


Online Lead Researcher

"What I like about my job is that it allows me to enhance my researching skills, analyzing facts and information, and build professional relationships with my clients."

Bolton digital operations talent


Salesforce Implementation Specialist

"What I like about Bolton is that there is not much hierarchy so it's really easy to achieve visibility."


Digital Marketing Specialist

"Most of my role consists of keeping track of the inbound marketing content and supporting online marketing initiatives."

Meet Bolton's Customers

"We turned to Bolton because we knew they worked with some really hot startups and are accustomed to working with fast growing organizations like ours. We asked, they delivered."

Svein Grande Deloitte Digital
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 "Bolton made it possible for us to quickly and safely staff up in a remote location to keep up with our company growth... this remote model cut our HR capital needs by 60%."

Morten Andersen LaunchPeople
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"I've seen great talent in emerging markets, but most models of remote didn't work for me. Bolton has figured out how to make it work."

John Burdett Fast Slow Motion
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