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How SevenRooms scaled their onboarding process with Bolton Remote

Ilana Brown Seven Rooms

"Corporate culture is something that's incredibly important to us at SevenRooms. The solution that Bolton Remote was able to provide gave us the ability to maintain a high-touch relationship with our remote team."

Ilana Brown

Vice President, Customer Success SevenRooms
  • Background
  • The Challenges
  • The Solutions
  • The Results


SevenRooms is a seating and guest management platform designed to empower restaurant, hotel, and nightclub operators to develop direct and meaningful relationships with their guests. Founded in New York City in 2011, SevenRooms now has over 100 employees and operates in over 300 cities around the world.

The Challenges

Like many tech startups, SevenRooms was growing at an incredible pace. But with growth came struggles, and they started to experience a slowdown in customer onboarding.

Talent to support scale SevenRooms faced a lack of resources in their NYC office to support the growing number of customers that needed to be onboarded to their platform in a timely manner. 
Expedited customer onboarding

SevenRooms needed a solution for the time-consuming and time-sensitive customer onboarding tasks.

The Solutions

SevenRooms explored different options ranging from remote teams to outsourcing, both onshore and offshore. Corporate culture is very important to SevenRooms, so they sought a solution that could deliver a remote team that was fully integrated into their NYC operations. 

Qualified, quality talent on-demand

SevenRooms was able to hand-pick pre-screened, qualified candidates from Bolton Remote's on-demand talent portal. Interviews were conducted and team members were quickly selected. 

Team mobilization Processes and KPIs were set in place by Bolton Remote's mobilization experts. Training was conducted and the team was fully ramped within one week.

The Result

SevenRooms' remote team has been able to significantly speed up the customer onboarding process. All the tasks that previously took a very long time to complete are now fulfilled overnight.  

Reduced time to launch Customers can now be onboarded to the SevenRooms platform almost immediately.
Integrated company culture The SevenRooms remote team is fully integrated into head office operations and company culture has been extended to all remote employees.

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