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Simple, talent-as-a-service pricing

Say good-bye to recruitment fees, up front capital expenditures, and contract lock-ins. One simple monthly subscription rate to each dedicated team member you select - with no hidden or additional fees. Simply pay-as-you-grow.

Prepare for future hiring needs today.

Private Talent Cloud

Continuous access to your own pipeline of support talent. A Bolton Remote Staffing Specialist recruits and maintains an active pool of job seekers for you, ready to be interviewed and hired within Bolton’s unique remote staffing model when the
time comes. 

  • Key benefits:
  • Continuously review qualified, ready-to-interview candidates.
  • Select the categories you want to see, and set your minimum SLA.
  • Watch videos, review work, book interviews when the time comes.

Fill an urgent specialist position now.

Remote Staffing

Project-based, dedicated, full-time remote employees in cost-effective locations – employed by Bolton, working in a Bolton-managed workspace, equipped with Bolton tools, training and ongoing support. Interviewed, selected and
managed by you.

  • Key benefits:
  • Trial & notice periods just like traditional employees.
  • No up-front fees, no contract lock-ins. Pay only if there’s a fit.
  • Staff work your time zone, reporting to you. No go-betweens.

Scale a process or function rapidly.

Bolton Teams

Successfully launch, train and run a 24x7 business process team doing things like: monitoring and reporting on dynamic information in real-time, data curation for machine learning, transcribing visual or audio data, Salesforce administration, customer support, and more.

  • Key benefits:
  • Leverage Bolton process experts who have scaled teams before.
  • Maintain company culture with 100% dedicated team members.
  • Transition existing or create new processes, KPIs, training, reports.

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