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Handpicked, Remote Talent.

Bolton makes scaling easier with remote, global talent.

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Meet Bolton People


Front End Web Developer

"At Bolton, I have learned to instill process discipline and be committed to deliver results from plans."

Rey Lee

Ruby on Rails Developer

"What I like about Bolton is they gave me the opportunity to practice and improve my skills."


Software Test Analyst

"What I like about Bolton is the community of supportive professionals that makes you feel like you belong and that you are key in creating something meaningful."


Data Processing Specialist

"Some of the personal skills that I apply are self-management wherein I can work independently ... and flexibility, because this kind of job can change from time to time."


Online Lead Researcher

"What I like about my job is that it allows me to enhance my researching skills, analyzing facts and information, and build professional relationships with my clients."


Research Analyst

"What I like about Bolton is the trust and confidence given to all employees and the big impact we have."


Salesforce Implementation Specialist

"What I like about Bolton is that there is not much hierarchy so it's really easy to achieve visibility."


Digital Marketing Specialist

"Most of my role consists of keeping track of the inbound marketing content and supporting online marketing initiatives."


Team Mobilization Lead

"Being at Bolton has me working at the forefront of innovation - I enjoy helping tech startups grow their business with great talent and industry best practices."



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Meet Bolton Customers

“After we raised our $10M Series A, it was time to graduate from our patched together network of freelancers, to a reliable and much easier to manage Bolton team.”

Jeremy Ruch Bond Street
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"We struggled to hire the right resources locally… Bolton is the onramp to successful distributed teams… Our remote team has grown and is fully integrated with our local team."

James Taylor Ticketbiscuit
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